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Central AC


Central Air Conditioning is a great solution to providing cooling throughout an entire house or business. The most important part of selecting the correct central air conditioner is purchasing something that is properly sized for the space. A unit too small will be running constantly, while a unit too large will constantly turn on and off while it tries to regulate the temperature. We stay up to date with the newest technology to help provide our customer’s their best options when they’re looking to install or replace their central air conditioning system. 

    What’s New In AC Systems?

    We have worked with Lennox for a very long time which allows us to get competitive pricing, which we pass on to our customer’s. Lennox has a Two-Stage Air Conditioning System which allows for the system to use a fractional amount of power to cool down the space a little, or run at full speed and drop the temperature quickly. This technology allows the customer to save on their electric bill too.

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