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Ductless AC

While some houses may not have the ductwork, it doesn’t mean that you need to rely on window air conditioners. Who really wants to put them in at the start of the season, constantly run around and adjust them, and then pull them out in the fall? Plus, they never fit right and leak air through the gaps. They are literally throwing your money out the window.

With units such as the  Mitsubishi Mini Split reaching a SEER score as high as 26. A ductless heat pump is an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly option. The latest INVERTER technology they can operate effectively down to -13º F in the winter months. These models give true year-round comfort from a single system. Not only do they save energy in situations when the central air just isn’t enough, the units themselves are more efficient than even the most flawlessly performing central ac, because there are no ducts involved. In a duct system, a certain amount of energy is lost just to force the cool air through the ducts, and into the space where you want it. 

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This loss of energy may account for over 30% of the total energy consumed to cool the space. Sometimes, only a small room or space requires ductless air conditioning. Perhaps you have added an addition, a bonus room which does not connect to your central ductwork, a sun room that just gets a little too warm for your comfort, or that small studio you are renting with no central AC . Mini split air conditioners and mini split heat pumps are a great solution for that home office that needs a little extra circulation.