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To prevent inconvenience and save on costs for repairs, CMS Plumbing and Heating offers a number of simple tips and techniques to apply in the home. Common household problems include blocked drains, dripping faucets, and creaking pipes that can be prevented or restored without additional expenses. With regular maintenance, all systems can remain fully operational for longer.

All pipes can become clogged and rusted

The kitchen sink, bathroom drain, and pipes can all become clogged and rusted with time. The fats and oils that get poured down the sink hole can line piping and cause buildup that will lead to a blockage. Every month, a warm soapy solution should be poured down the sinks and drains to break down fat accumulation and thoroughly wash the debris from pipes.

To prevent the toilet from overflowing

Should a hard object such as a toothbrush fall into the bowl, use a wet vacuum to suck it out. A plunger will not work and may push objects further down the bowl. It is important to take immediate action to prevent clogs.

A slow dripping faucet

This can be fixed by checking the condition of the washer. In most instances, a worn washer will contribute to a leak and should be replaced. Leaving a leaking tap will simply waste water and hike utility bills at an incredible rate.

Sink Rattling?

If your sink is rattling while in use, it is best to spray stainless steel with expanding foam. The product serves to eliminate the vibration. Be sure to allow the foam to harden and to trim excess product for a neat appearance.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduling a licensed plumber out is beneficial to assess the condition of pipes and systems. Such methods are affordable and will aid in detecting possible deterioration before it becomes major damage. CMS Plumbing and Heating advises on taking action as soon as problems are detected to prevent the worsening of damage and having to pay high costs in repairs.